Typar® MetroWrap

For commercial applications, it just makes sense to specify a commercial-grade wrap tough enough for your job. Typar MetroWrap stands up to the rigors of commercial construction with superior performance and toughness. Typar MetroWrap offers all the great benefits realized with Typar® HouseWrap, plus provides special advantages ideal for multi-family dwellings, light commercial applications and large commercial structures, including:


  • Enhanced UV resistance — up to 12 months of protection from UV degradation from the sun. This makes Typar MetroWrap an excellent choice for evolving construction schedules and an interim environmental barrier for interior construction.
  • Best water holdout — protects interior environments during and after construction from air infiltration and damaging water.
  • Best surfactant resistance — handles site exposure to harsh chemicals and cleaning techniques found on commercial jobsites.
  • Exceptional mold resistance — will not support the growth of mold (ASTM D3273).
  • Excellent air barrier — reduces energy costs over time; protects interior during construction.

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