Vycor® PRO

Vycor® PRO flashing, with its highly conformable film and non-asphaltic, butyl-modified adhesive technology, provides premium protection against water infiltration in all critical non-roof detail areas. Vycor Pro contains no asphalt and is compatible with flexible PVC window flanges and leading sealant technologies.


  • Non-Asphaltic Butyl - Modified Adhesive—Compatible with flexible PVC window flanges and leading sealant technologies. Chemical compatibility concerns are eliminated
  • Seals Around Fasteners — Prevents water penetration to the substrate.Give clients peace of mind with premium protection
  • Aggressive Butyl-Modified Adhesive — Forms strong laps and bonds aggressively to the substrate, even in cold conditions. Versatility for use in all seasons.
  • Highly Conformable Thin Membrane — Easily worked into tight details with minimal build-up of multiple layers.
  • Premium protection even in hard to work areas.
  • Convenient Measurement Markings — Makes preparation faster and easier. Save time - Save money

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