Ice & Water Shield® HT

Not all high temperature roofing underlayments are the same. Ice & Water Shield® HT is an excellent high temperature ice and water barrier that follows in the footsteps of the original Ice and Water Shield®, but is specially formulated to meet the higher service temperatures that are inherent to metal roofing systems. Ice & Water Shield® HT is formulated with a proprietary adhesive with temperature resistance of up to 260°F. The membrane forms a watertight bond to the roof deck, and seals around fasteners of the primary roof covering and thus maintains the waterproof integrity of the roof deck. It also creates a strong bond to the roof deck. Ice & Water Shield® HT delivers optimal balance of adhesion & thermal stability for superior performance under the most demanding conditions.

Waterproofing ability is critical when choosing an underlayment, but another factor to consider is its exposure time. Ice & Water Shield® HT has been formulated and tested to be UV stable for up to 120 days, ensuring the building stays safe and dry during long and unpredictable construction cycles. It delivers the schedule flexibility you need and the waterproofing performance you trust.

Protect metal roofs from wind driven rains and ice dams, and have peace of mind against costly call-backs with Ice & Water Shield® HT – the best in class high temperature ice and water barrier.


  • 260°F Temperature Resistance
  • 120 Day Exposure: Tested per ASTM G90 – EMMAqua test
  • Strong adhesive bond to film: Ensures water tight laps
  • Waterproof film: Forms a secondary barrier of leak prevention
  • Re-Roofable: Eliminates costly underlayment removal which can include re-decking
  • Integrated Oil Barrier: Prevents aesthetic contamination of the primary roof covering
  • Non-Granular Slip Resistance: Allows for design flexibility when used in conjunction with metal roofs
  • Low Temperature Flexibility: Membrane is unaffected at -20˚F
  • Superior adhesion: No primer or nails required
  • Strong lap strength: Forms a watertight seal
  • Fully adhered: Watertight installation that remains in place under high winds
  • Highest quality seal around fasteners: Premium roof leak prevention
  • Design flexibility: Can be installed vertically
  • Sustainability: Contributes to LEED pointsv
  • Sustainability: Contains recycled content without sacrificing product performance
  • No inert fillers such as calcium carbonate or sand that will ultimately compromise waterproofing performance in Ice and Water Shield HT

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