Florprufe® high performance vapor barrier is designed with GCP's Advanced Bond Technology™, forming a unique seal to the underside of concrete floor slabs. Florprufe® membrane protects expensive moisture sensitive flooring products from the effects of water vapor migrating upward through the slab and causing water damage.

Comprising a highly durable polyolefin sheet and a specially developed, non-tacky adhesive coating, Florprufe 120 seals to liquid concrete to provide integrally bonded vapour protection.


  • Forms a powerful integral seal to the underside of concrete slabs
  • Protects valuable floor finishes such as wood, tiles, carpet and resilient flooring from damage by vapour transmission
  • Direct contact with the slab complies with the latest industry recommendations
  • Remains sealed to the slab even in cases of ground settlement
  • Ultra low vapour permeability
  • Durable, chemical resistant polyolefin sheet
  • Lightweight, easy to apply, kick out rolls
  • Simple lap forming with mechanical fixings or tape

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