PVC Decking Apex® Series

Fortress® decking imagined a radical idea. Could we build a PVC decking series that defies expectations? As a result, our ApexTM PVC decking reaches new heights in value, quality and aesthetics. Fortress Apex PVC decking uses a proprietary tri-extrusion process that delivers the beautiful look of tropical hardwoods. In fact, it’s been called, “the best board I’ve ever seen” by numerous customers.

The foam core reinforced with bamboo is 45% lighter than composite decking making it easy to work with. It expands and contracts about 25% less than other PVC decks giving you a more consistent, uniform look. Each board is encapsulated in an acrylic polymer that delivers outstanding UV performance, so your deck won’t fade like other PVC products; and it provides the highest non-slip rating. So rise up, and reach the apex of decking.


  • Grooved or Square Edge
  • Expands and contracts about 25% less than other PVC boards
  • Lighter, so easier to handle and install
  • Every board is UV and moisture resistant
  • Higher resistance to weathering
  • Never sand, stain or strain again
  • Category leading slip resistance
  • Manufactured with anti-microbial properties, which ensures mold-free hygienic surface
  • Rigid under foot at 16" o.c.

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