Adcor ES Waterstop

Adcor™ ES is a specially engineered, swellable, conformable synthetic waterstop strip that expands when in contact with water. The engineered swell design of Adcor ES minimizes the potential for concrete spalling and cracking versus traditional hydrophilic waterstops. When fully encapsulated by poured concrete, the expansive forces form a seal against concrete faces. The seal resists hydrostatic pressure, stopping water from entering sub-structures.

Adcor ES is a unique product that has been specifically developed to provide better performance than bentonite or conventional swellable rubber waterstops.


Product Advantages:
  • Engineered swell reduces risk of concrete spalling
  • Conformable — can be installed onto a variety of irregular substrates
  • Controlled expansion reduces the need for product replacement due to premature expansion
  • Retains cohesive strength at both original and expanded volume
  • No need for protective steel mesh
  • Volumetric expansion min 100%
  • Simple overlap jointing on site
  • Reproducible swell after wet-dry cycling
  • Contains no sodium bentonite

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