PowerDrain™ ISOSTUD Plus

PowerDrain™ Isostud Plus dimple drain provides high performance protection for residential and light commercial below-grade poured and masonry concrete foundations. It has an attached geosynthetic fabric on the dimpled side.

PowerDrainTM Isostud Plus helps keep foundations dry


  • Provides a capillary break to:
    • reduce ground water & other moisture penetration; and
    • help foundations stay dry
  • Protects the dampproofing so it can perform
  • Is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and was designed for long-term durability
  • Contains recycled content
  • Has an attached polypropylene fabric to limit backfill from entering the cavity but to allow for water to pass/drainage


CCMC #14053-R
ICC ES for US version: ESR 3457


PowerDrain™ Isostud Plus is available in 8’ x 65½’ rolls. Other sizes may be available upon request. Some markets/locations may have different sizes in stock due to local trends



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