Perm A Barrier VPS

Perm-A-Barrier® VPS (Vapor Permeable Sheet) Flashings are detailing strips of GCP’s Perm A Barrier VPS self-adhering vapour permeable air barrier membrane consisting of a breathable carrier film with a specially designed adhesive. Perm-A-Barrier® VPS provides superior protection against the damaging effects of air and water ingress on building structures.

Perm-A-Barrier® VPS is vapour permeable for wall assemblies requiring this breathable characteristic. As a vapour permeable membrane, Perm-A-Barrier® VPS permits the diffusion of water vapour that may otherwise condense in the wall structure; but is impermeable to liquid water, which allows the material to act as a water drainage plain. Perm A Barrier VPS Flashings come in 4”, 6”, 9”, and 12” widths.


  • Air tight — protects against air passage and associated energy loss
  • Vapour permeable — “breathable” membrane prevents moisture from being trapped in the wall cavity by allowing walls the ability to dry
  • Water resistant — resists hydrostatic water pressure and wind driven rain
  • Self-adhered — eliminates the need for mechanical fasteners
  • Controlled thickness — factory made sheet ensures constant, non-variable site application

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