Vycor® enV-S™ Flashings

Vycor® enV-S™ Flashings are cut strips of the sheet applied, vapour permeable weather resistive barrier, enV-S, consisting of a unique breathable carrier film coated with an adhesive that is specially designed to maintain vapour permeability.

Keeping walls dry is the key to preventing rot of structural elements and mold growth. Vycor enV-S forms a fully adhered barrier against wind driven rain. As a vapour permeable membrane, Vycor enV-S allows the wall system to “breathe”, and water vapor to escape.

Unlike conventional building wraps, installation of Vycor enV-S requires no mechanical fastening, and it seals around nails used to install siding and other wall elements. This results in exceptionally low levels of air leakage, and improved energy efficiency of the building.


  • Fully-adhered — installation requires no mechanical fasteners or taping of seams
  • Water resistive — forms a fully adhered barrier against wind driven rain
  • Vapour permeable — “breathable” membrane prevents moisture from becoming trapped in the wall cavity and provides walls the ability to dry
  • Air resistive — fully adhered membrane greatly reduces air leakage and improves building energy efficiency
  • Strong adhesion — to unprimed plywood and oriented strandboard (OSB).
  • Controlled thickness — factory made sheet ensures consistent, non-variable site application
  • Lightweight — allows for easy handling and installation
  • Installation flexibility — may be exposed up to 90 days
  • System solution — when used in combination with Vycor® Flashings



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