ProtectoWrap BT Primer

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  • BT-Primer is a high tack SBS rubber based primer for use under BT25XL, Protecto Flex, PW 100/40 Air Vapor Barrier, and EIFS/Stucco products over Dens Glass Gold, some OSB board, metal, wood, dry concrete and dry masonry. When used over Dens Glass Gold, BT-Primer is moisture tolerant and is suitable for use on moist or damp Dens Glass Gold.


    • Quick drying
    • Can be used on damp surfaces
    • Ideal for moist or damp Dens Glass Gold
    • VOC Compliant* (*Not available in California)
    • Can be applied below freezing temperatures
    • Excellent adhesion to steel, dry concrete, dry masonry and membrane
    • One Year Shelf life (min.)
    • 20-45 minutes Tack free time
    • 0.804 Specific Gravity
    • 37% Solids (by weight)
    • Flash Point 24°F


    For use under:
    • PW 100/40 Air Vapor Barrier; and
    • BT25XL
    • Protecto Flex
    • Protectowrap’s EIFS/Stucco products
    For use over:
    • Dens Glass Gold
    • some OSB board
    • metal
    • wood
    • dry concrete and dry masonry.

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