Ice Water Shield Select

Ice Water Shield Select is composed of two waterproofing materials—a rubberized asphalt adhesive, backed by a layer of high density cross laminated polyethylene.

The product is 25 mils (0.64 mm) thick making it lightweight and easy to handle and apply. The unique, advanced rubberized asphalt formulation allows the membrane to meet industry standards for fastener sealability equivalent to products that are often significantly thicker and heavier.

The rubberized asphalt is backed by a paper release liner that protects its adhesive quality. The release liner is easily removed allowing the rubberized asphalt to be bonded to the roof deck.

The membrane comes in a 195 ft2 (18.1 m2) roll, and measures 36 in. (914 mm) wide.


  • Easy to handle and apply — The membrane is easy to reposition, easy to install, bonds to the roof deck and forms high quality laps.
  • Ripcord® — The Ripcord is a nylon string that is embedded between the underlayment material and the release liner. The Ripcord gives the installer the option of either splitting the release sheet for easy positioning and installation, or removing the release sheet in one piece.
  • Self sealing — The membrane meets key building code standards for nail sealability of self-adhered roofing underlayments.
  • Lightweight — The 195 ft2 roll weighs only a fraction of what competitive materials weigh making transport and handling easier.
  • Slip resistant surface — The slip resistant surface maximizes traction for safety without compromising the water integrity of the laps.
  • Aesthetically pleasing — The thin membrane meets code standards for fastener sealability but will not show through roof coverings.
  • Reroofable — Unlike some granular surfaced membranes, Ice Water Shield Select will not adhere to the underside of the exposed roof covering making reroofing easier and less costly.
  • GCP expertise — GCP is the recognized leader in self-adhered roofing underlayments and is the manufacturer of Ice &Water Shield®.



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