SYN 15

SYN 15 synthetic underlayment exceeds the requirements of ASTM D226 and offers the benefits of a synthetic to traditional 15# felt users. Its higher coverage per roll means it goes down quickly. Because it is 10x stronger than 15# felt, costly blow offs are prevented. The product is mechanically fastened, and may be used in conjunction with GCP self-adhered underlayments, or alone.

It is totally recyclable, and contains post-industrial recycled polymers, so it contributes to sustainability and LEED.

SYN 15 acts as a secondary watershedding material below mechanically attached roof coverings. The product may be exposed for up to 30 days, and may be used with asphalt shingles and most other roof coverings.


Major benefits of SYN 15 vs 15 lb felt include:
  • Stronger — Its 10x stronger and prevents blow offs and tears in windy conditions
  • Higher Coverage per Roll — A 10 sq. roll is 67% lighter than 15# felt, and covers 2.3 times the area
  • Fewer Laps and Fasteners — 30% more coverage per side lap than felt
  • Sustainable — SYN 15 is 100% recyclable, and contains post-industrial recycled materials, and contributes to sustainability and LEED
  • Excellent temporary dry in — May be exposed for up to 30 days
  • Suitable for use under asphalt shingles and most other major roof coverings
  • Technical support — SYN 15 is backed by a team of local technical support personnel that help ensure every application goes smoothly.

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