Perm A Barrier® Wall Membrane

Perm A Barrier Wall Membrane is a self-adhesive, rubberized asphalt/polyethylene waterproofing membrane for air and vapour barrier applications. Consisting of .036 in (0.9mm) of rubberized asphalt integrally bonded to .004 in (0.1mm) high density cross laminated polyethylene film, Perm-A-Barrier® Wall Membrane, when combined with a structural substrate, produces a virtually impermeable air, vapour and water barrier on concrete, masonry, gypsum board and wood walls. It is designed to be a cost-effective system providing a continuous seal against air, vapor and moisture around the entire building.


  • Fully bonded — transmits wind loads directly to the substrate
  • Waterproof and virtually impermeable to moisture — virtually impermeable to the passage of liquid water and vapour
  • Air tight — exceeds CCMC requirements for air barrier membranes and meets new ASTM E2357 standard
  • Cross laminated film — provides dimensional stability, high tear strength, puncture and impact resistance
  • Cold applied — no flame hazard; self-adhesive overlaps ensure continuity
  • Flexible — accommodates minor settlement and shrinkage movement
  • Controlled thickness — factory made sheet ensures constant, non-variable site application
  • Aggressive, conformable adhesive — allows self-sealing around mechanical fasteners

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