Preprufe 200

Preprufe® 200 Membrane is a composite sheet comprising a thick HDPE film, an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive and a weather resistant protective coating. Using patented Advanced Bond Technology, Preprufe 200 Membrane provides a continuous seal that resists water ingress and migration between the membrane and the structure.


  • Prevents water migration — Preprufe’s Advanced Bond TechnologyTM forms a unique integral seal to concrete poured against it
  • Fast and easy installation — loose laid, mechanically fastened laps
  • Avoids delays — unaffected by wet or cold conditions, can even be laid during rain
  • Excellent vapor barrier — typical MVER 0.11 lb/1000 ft2/24 hr ASTM F1869-98
  • Inherently waterproof, non-reactive system
    • Cannot activate prematurely or be washed away
    • Not reliant on confining pressures or hydration
    • Unaffected by freeze/thaw, wet/dry cycling
  • Chemical resistant — effective in all types of soils and waters, protects structure from salt or sulphate attack
  • Self protecting — ready for immediate placement of reinforcing steel and concrete without costly protective layers

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