Preprufe® 300R & 160R

Preprufe® 300R & 160R membranes are unique composite sheets comprising a thick HDPE film, an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive and a weather resistant protective coating.

Unlike conventional non-adhering membranes, which are vulnerable to water ingress tracking between the unbonded membrane and structure, the unique Preprufe bond to concrete prevents ingress or migration of water around the structure.


  • Forms a unique continuous adhesive bond toconcrete poured against it — prevents water migration and makes it unaffected by ground settlement beneath slabs
  • Fully-adhered watertight laps and detailing
  • Provides a barrier to water, moisture and gas — physically isolates the structure from the surrounding ground
  • BBA Certified for basement Grades 2, 3, & 4 to BS 8102:1990
  • Zero permeance to moisture
  • Solar reflective — reduced temperature gain
  • Simple and quick to install — requiring no priming or fillets
  • Can be applied to permanent formwork — allows maximum use of confined sites
  • Self protecting — can be trafficked immediately after application and ready for immediate placing of reinforcement
  • Unaffected by wet conditions — cannot activate prematurely
  • Inherently waterproof, non-reactive system
    • not reliant on confining pressures or hydration
    • unaffected by freeze/thaw, wet/dry cycling
  • Chemical resistant — effective in most types of soilsand waters, protects structure from salt or sulphate attack

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